Police Invite Skit Maker, Trinity Guy Over Dangerous Pranks

Written by on June 23, 2023

The Oyo State Police Command has invited skit maker, Abdullahi Maruf Adisa, also known as Trinity Guy, in connection with a prank video that involved a minor.


This was made known in a tweet on the command’s official handle on Thursday.


“Popular content creator, Abdullahi Maruf Adisa, AKA Trinity, has been contacted and invited to the Oyo State Police Command in connection with the disturbing viral skit content making the rounds across the Social Media space concerning a female minor. Updates would be provided soon,” the tweet read.


Adisa had caught the attention of the spokesman of the Nigerian Police, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, who requested his arrest over a recent prank video where he scared passersby with ‘gunshots’


The Force PRO had previously warned skit makers who rely on pranks for their content, urging them to regulate their actions as they threaten Nigerians’ lives. On Monday, he posted a video on Instagram calling for his arrest.


He urged people affected by the skit maker’s’ pranks to report him to the authorities.


“This doesn’t make any sense, and I think the guy should have been arrested. Those individuals who feel the heat and fear of the pranks should report the pranksters, as many of their pranks are criminal, immoral, and evil. These women have a good case against him,” he wrote.


On Twitter, he added, “We have warned them severally. When nothing happens, nothing happens, but when something happens, consequences will surely follow. They will soon realize the dangers attributed to the excessiveness of doing unguided pranks.”


It is not the first time a Nigerian skit maker has got into trouble over an extreme or life-threatening prank. In August 2022, Eyinatayo Iluyomade, a 19-year-old Lagos-based comedian, was arrested and charged to court for an expensive joke.

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