Written by on April 23, 2024

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has sealed the Chinese supermarket located within the China General Chamber of Commerce in Abuja.


Recall that Nigerians had expressed outrage over a discriminatory policy implemented by the Chinese Supermarket for barring Nigerians.


According to the facility manager of the complex, Shaibu Sanusi, Nigerians from outside the complex do not shop but Nigerians within can access it. This policy sparked widespread condemnation across various social media platforms, as Nigerians voiced their concerns over the discriminatory treatment.

Officials of the FCCPC stormed the premises and shut the supermarket on Monday.

The commission’s officials sealed up the place following the interrogation of Nigerian workers at the supermarket, where it was discovered that the supermarket only granted exclusive entry to Chinese nationals in the country.


The workers, who were largely Nigerians, disclosed that the owner of the supermarket had fled when the officials of the Commission stormed the supermarket on Monday.


They said that the owner of the supermarket, Chinese national, Cindy Liu Bei, fled on Monday at 8:26 am with her family as confirmed on the Closed-Circuit Television camera.


The FCCPC officials subsequently shut down the supermarket.


Speaking at the end of the enforcement exercise, the Director for Surveillance and Investigation, Boladale Adeyinka affirmed that the owner of the supermarket, Cindy Liu Bei, fled early on Monday, with her family as confirmed on the CCTV.


She further directed that the owner appear before the commission tribunal or the compound will remain sealed.


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