My dark moments almost made me quit music —Iyanya

Written by on December 11, 2023

NIGERIAN music sensation, Iyanya, has reflected on a difficult period that almost led him to abandon his musical journey.

Despite once dominating the music scene with numerous hits, he found himself fading into obscurity.

Speaking with media friends at a parley in Lagos, the Kukere master said the dark times, however, became the crucible that reshaped his artistry and self-discovery.

Almost on the brink of leaving music altogether, Iyanya acknowledged the transformative power of adversity in his life.

For years, he grappled with the challenge of being forgotten, describing this period as both shattering and enlightening.

In the midst of the void, he reinvented his music and, in the process, rediscovered his identity

Now, having transcended those trying times, Iyanya finds it crucial to reminisce about the role God played in his resurgence.

The struggle was palpable – invitations to shows dwindled, and his older songs no longer resonated with an audience seeking the next big hit.

“I understand that such moments of darkness and void would come with the territory and time. You can’t run away from it but you can rise from it and grab the attention of your fans.

“It was hard getting to come out or embracing the challenges but I was just getting by and coping with every day. Hard as it may seemed, it was harder when you know you have what it takes but the vibes were not just there.”

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