Klopp names teams to challenge for title after Man City’s defeat

Written by on December 7, 2023

Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp believes Manchester United are in the Premier League title race despite an unimpressive start to the season.

Klopp also insisted that it would be ‘a joke’ to write off Manchester City from the Premier League title race after their recent 1-0 defeat to Aston Villa on Wednesday.

The German also included the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea to compete for the title, adding that he has no clue if Liverpool will win the English top-flight league.

Liverpool are currently in the second position on the Premier League table behind leaders Arsenal.

Aston Villa, Man City, Tottenham, Man United and Chelsea are all behind Liverpool and Arsenal in the log.

Asked if he expects the Premier League title to go down to the wire this season, Klopp laughed and replied at his post-match press conference after Liverpool defeated Sheffield United on Wednesday: “I have no clue! If we win it I hope not!

“We will see, but if somebody would write City off that would be the biggest joke in the history of football, that really makes no sense.

“And Arsenal is obviously fighting, they had a similar experience [vs Luton] as we had [vs Fulham] a few days before – it feels really good.

“But then you have to play the next game from the start again, it is 0-0 not 4-3 already and you don’t score a late goal and can take that into the next game.

“Aston Villa is incredible and United are there. They don’t play yet maybe exactly the football that whoever wants [to see], the media or whatever, there are some arguments.

“But they have points like crazy! So they are around. And then Chelsea, I’m not sure if they are coming still, so there’s all these kinds of things.”

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