Father rejects outcome of coroner’s inquest into British-born daughter’s death.

Written by on May 13, 2024

It was reported that the late 26-year-old Alanis, born to Nigerian businessman, Oladapo Ogundipe, took her life after being allegedly blackmailed by her boyfriend, Ryan Leggetts.


Ogundipe, has since faulted the outcome of the coroner’s inquest into the death of his daughter, Alanis, who died by suicide on May 29, 2023, jumping into a moving train in Manchester, United Kingdom.


A preliminary inquest into the incident was held last Wednesday and Thursday in Bolton, Manchester.


The deceased’s father, Oladapo, said the incident happened after Leggets allegedly broke into her phone and copied her documents.


The father of the bereaved, expressed his displeasure on the conduct of the inquest on the final day. He alleged that he was initially withheld from providing evidence against Leggetts who was also part of the hearing. He also alleged that the lawyer representing his family, while acting on the instruction of his wife, Josephine, told the court not to allow him ask pertinent question that would help in getting justice for his late daughter.


According to him, part of the questions include why he allegedly refused to tell the police the truth about his access to Alanis’ phone.


In the report of the coroner’s inquest, Alanis was said to have died by suicide as a result of financial difficulties.


The report read, “Miss Alanis Yinka-Seydell Olushola Ogundipe died by suicide at Eccles Railway Station on May 29, 2023, aged 26 years; Miss Ogundipe deliberately placed herself in the path of a train that was travelling through the railway station at high speed with the intention and effect of ending her life.


“There was no opportunity for the train driver to prevent the collision between the train and Miss Ogundipe. Miss Ogundipe acted in circumstances where she was experiencing significant short-term financial difficulties and the possible breakdown of a long-term relationship in which her partner had been loving and supportive towards her.


While also faulting this, Oladapo said the claim was untrue, adding that his daughter had access to money.


The bereaved father who added that his late daughter had no bad credit, added that Ryan was the one emphasising financial difficulties which the coroner recorded.


He said, ’’Why would she commit suicide and be desperate when she was expecting 100,000 pounds from me? Also, 107,000 pounds had come into her account from January to May 2023 and 108,000 pounds had gone out. She has not got a bad credit either. Her aunt sent her 4,000 pounds and she had just gone on a holiday to Italy. So, how would she have had financial difficulty with all these?’’


‘’Also, how can the boyfriend end the relationship after demanding money from her if he had really been loving and supportive towards her?” He queried.

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