Sudanese security authorities have ordered all foreigners to leave the capital Khartoum and the surrounding region. They have two weeks to do so, according to a statement from the section of the police dealing with foreigners. Foreigners should leave for their own safety amid the fighting still raging between government troops and the Rapid Support […]

A man has been caught trying to smuggle over 100 live snakes into mainland China by cramming them into his trousers, according to the country’s customs authority. The unnamed traveller was stopped by customs officers as he sought to slip out of semi-autonomous Hong Kong and into the border city of Shenzhen, China Customs said […]

It was reported that the late 26-year-old Alanis, born to Nigerian businessman, Oladapo Ogundipe, took her life after being allegedly blackmailed by her boyfriend, Ryan Leggetts.   Ogundipe, has since faulted the outcome of the coroner’s inquest into the death of his daughter, Alanis, who died by suicide on May 29, 2023, jumping into a […]

Road accidents with high fatalities are common in Pakistan, because of lax safety measures, poor driver training and dilapidated transport infrastructure. An eyewitness told the German DPA news agency that speeding on slippery highways after heavy rains and muddy landslides usually results in accidents in the region.   A bus carrying around 40 passengers from […]

On Thursday, Iran announced sanctions of several US and British individuals and entities for supporting Israel against Hamas. The sanctions are said to be targeted at seven Americans, including General Bryan P. Fenton, commander of the U.S. special operations command, and Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, a former commander of the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet.   […]

If you ever heard the saying ’’Age is but a number’’, you might feel inclined to agree given these circumstances.   A 60-year-old lawyer, Alejandra Marisa Rodriguez, wrestled and vanquished age stereotypes by winning the coveted Miss Universe title for the province of Buenos Aires.   Indian news outlet, WION reported that Rodriguez is the […]

What started at Columbia University is fast becoming widespread. Reports reaching us is that the fire has spread across five states and a dozen top American universities where students pitched tents and set up “liberated zones” on campuses. Protests over the war in Gaza have taken hold at a handful of elite American university, as […]

Israel’s government and Hamas agreed on Wednesday to a four-day pause in fighting to allow the release of 50 hostages held in Gaza in exchange for 150 Palestinians imprisoned in Israel, and the entry of humanitarian aid into the besieged enclave. Officials from Qatar, which has been mediating secret negotiations, as well as the U.S., […]

Gaza’s Hamas government said Sunday that the death toll from fighting between Israeli troops and Hamas militants in the Palestinian territory had reached 13,000 since the war began on October 7. Hamas gunmen killed around 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and captured around 240 more as hostages, according to Israel, when they surged over the militarised […]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday gave a condition for a longer ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. “There will be no ceasefire, general ceasefire, in Gaza without the release of our hostages,” Netanyahu told the U.S. broadcaster ABC. “As far as tactical little pauses, an hour here, an hour there. “We have had them […]

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