Nigeria looks more like murder land than motherland, Archbishop Onuoha declares.

Written by on May 13, 2024

In a 117-page presidential address, The Anglican Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province, Most Rev. David Onuoha, lamented that Nigeria of today, looks more like a murder land than a motherland.

This weekend, at the first session of the 11th synod of the Diocese of Okigwe South, held at Emmanuel Church, Ehume, Obowo local council area of Imo State, Onuoha made this statement.

His words: ”The consequences of past misdeeds, neglect, and wrong choices combined to make Nigeria of today, look like a land that devours its inhabitants, one that looks more like a murder land than a motherland.”

”The search for a Nigeria that works, one that inspires hope, ensures safety, and engenders prosperity, has continued since her political independence about 64 years ago.”

”However, one single business that seems to have thrived over these years is corruption, which is so pervasive and endemic. It cuts across the social strata, from the hawker in the street to the highest offices in the land.”

”The cutting edge fraud witnessed in the 2023 elections, the handling of the petitions that ensued, the recent war between the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, with some political heavyweights, the allegations trailing the award of certain contracts, as well as the impunity which some public office holders exhibit, sign-post grave danger for our dear country.”

He goes on to say that the distress in the society today, ranging from poverty, unemployment, insecurity, and hunger, is a result of corruption that has bedevilled this country over the years.

he added that public funds meant for the development of the society, are siphoned in such a senseless and primitive manner.

Onuoha doubled down on his statement that members of the family of a corruption convict should also share in the punishment. He stated and explained further that Nigeria has not made the desired progress in nation building, because as an amalgamation of different ethnic nationalities, there is no common core value propelling or undergirding our behaviours, aspirations and expectations.

He goes further to say, “It is evident that this core value exists at the level of the various component units that make up the country. This may be the reason why tribal sentiments and/or considerations are very prominent in any national discussion.

“It is, therefore, very necessary that restructuring the country, along the six geo-political zones, is seen as the key that will unlock the greatness of Nigeria.

“Restructuring must not be seen as disintegration, but a rediscovery of the good old days of regional government in Nigeria, where the pursuit of core values engendered healthy competition and growth among the regions. This, no doubt, announced Nigeria’s greatness to the outside world.

He rounds off by saying that while we all agree that the unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable, the best way to strengthen the unity of Nigeria, is by returning to the vision of the founding fathers of the country, and encouraging regional governments that contribute to the centre.

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