APC Group Urges Tinubu To Appoint Achadu As Minister

Written by on June 30, 2023

The APC Youth Development and Solidarity Forum (APC-YDSF) has requested that President Bola Tinubu consider Mr. Michael Achadu from Benue for a ministerial appointment as stakeholders vie for ministerial appointments.


President of the group, Mr Tobias Ogbeh, made the call at a news conference in Abuja on Thursday.


The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Tinubu is expected to forward names of ministerial nominees to the Senate for confirmation, on or before July 28 to beat the deadline stipulated by law.


According to Ogbeh, the nomination of Achadu will place APC as a party that rewards loyalty, dedication, and commitment.


He said it was an honourable thing for Tinubu to reward those who spent time, energy, and goodwill to bring the APC to victory across the country.


“Some of those who are currently jostling for appointments around the Presidency did little or nothing to make the party reclaim Benue.


“We are aware of those who are currently lobbying for appointments, both in Benue and around the Presidency in Abuja.


“But we must tell ourselves the truth, some of them could not even deliver their polling units or wards during the last elections. What is their contribution to the success of the party in the last general elections?


“It was just a few of them who genuinely believed in Tinubu to become President and one of such people is Michael Achadu.


“Achadu practically took over almost all the expenses of our organisation and many other interest groups I can remember.


“All through the primaries down to the general elections, he was always there to support the course of Tinubu.”


The group’s president further described Achadu as the most competent and one with the technical know-how to occupy such a position from Benue.


“Achadu is a philanthropist, an icon of diligent services, professionalism par excellence, with global economic expertise, a consummate business mogul, and an epitome of hope to the youthful generation.” He said.


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