U.N. agencies ‘alarmed’ at scale of Jenin raid, concerned about access

Written by on July 4, 2023

At least 10 palestinians have been killed in Jenin as Israel’s largest assault in decades in the occupied west bank enters its second day.


UN aid agencies on tuesday voiced alarm at the scale of the ongoing operation in the west bank town of Jenin, where ten Palestinians have been killed and one in Ramallah, while there were restrictions on medical access.


A spokesperson for the UN humanitarian office, Vanessa Huguenin, told a briefing that they are alarmed at the scale of air and ground operations that are taking place in Jenin in the occupied west bank, and airstrikes hitting a densely populated refugee camp, three children were among those killed, without providing details.


Who spokesperson Christian Lindmeier, said first responders have been prevented from entering the (Jenin) refugee camp, including to reach persons who have been critically injured, referring to restrictions put in place by Israeli forces.

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