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Security & You : Weekend Security and Safety tips
CP Adebowale Williams psc (+) fdc mnim

The Business of security is a collective responsibility involving everyone and not for law enforcement operatives alone.

01. Own your personal effects especially Handkerchiefs and Facemasks. Criminal minded individuals have deviced a new method of lacing these materials with sedatives to aid abductions and kidnap.

02. Don’t be a stranger to your kids, know their friends and interests. They might be few minutes from been brainwashed into radicalization or criminal intentions.

03. Be careful when buying used items with ridiculous prices, especially Automobiles and Electronic devices. They might have been stolen and those responsible for the theft are in a haste to dispose of it.

04. Never purchase items without a receipt or any other means to establish proof of payment. I.e Vouchers, receipt etc.

05. Ensure you know your vendors (Contact addresses and phone numbers) and always obtain receipts has evidence of Purchase.

06. Always look out for entry and exit points whenever for find your self at a new location or environment. It also applied to when you’ve just moved into a new space. It might be helpful during emergency situations.

07. Do not display valuables at public spaces. When leaving your vehicles ensure your bags, Laptops are carefully tucked under the car seat. This would prevent the occurrence of opportunistic crimes.

08. Do not allow cash bulge out from your bags or pocket when on the move. That way you’ve become an easy prey.

09. Avoid “TELL IT ALL” Car stickers, especially if it says a lot about your workplace, its location and other contacts.

10. Ensure to have a valid means of Identification at all times.

11. Make it an habit of shredding bank notifications generated from Point of Sales terminals/ATM Machines.

12. Be observant when driving especially if you feel followed. Seek help by parking at any Police formation closest to you at the time.

13. Visit your Children/ward in school occasionally and build relationships with the teachers and school administrators.

14. Ensure your Mobile phones are on at all times in case of emergency situations.

15. Avoid leaving Artisans in your home, Shops and other places of interest without supervision.

16. Be mindful of Picture uploads and tell it all captions on Social Media. It may serve as leads to the criminally minded.

17. Avoid being sandwiched on Motorcycles and in “Micra”(local Commercial Vehicles)

18. Avoid boarding unmarked Vehicles and unregistered Motorcycles.

19. Ensure you inform at least someone about your location at all times.


20. If you see something, Say something…

  • In cases of emergency, the Command can always be reached through these emergency control room numbers: 615 (toll free) (OYO STATE SECURITY TRUST FUND), and Oyo State Police Command emergency lines 07055495413 and 08081768614. The NPF rescue me app is also available for free download on both Android and Apple IOS, for Android and I phone users respectively.
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