Obi Lauds Nigerian Duo For Academic Achievement

Written by on June 23, 2023

The Labour Party presidential candidate in the 2023 election, Mr. Peter Obi, has reacted to the achievements attained by Nigerian student, Ifeoma Amuche, who recently emerged as the best Graduating Student at South West University, China, and that of Aminat Yusuf, who emerged as the best-graduating student at the Lagos State University with a CGPA of 5.0.


Obi congratulated the duo on Friday via his Twitter handle, praising their dedication and commitment to achieving their set goals.


While congratulating Amuche, he noted that her outstanding academic results brought honour to the nation.


He said, “I congratulate Miss Ifeoma Amuche, a Nigerian student who recently emerged as Best Graduating Student at South West University, China. It takes immeasurable hard work and dedication to achieve such an academic feat, and stand out from the crowd.2.4MUS Embassy Staff Convoy


“You have, by your outstanding academic results, brought honour to our nation and established yourself on the global stage. As a firm believer in education, I know there are no limits to how far one can go, by taking their education seriously.”


He added that the right investment has to be made in education in order to realise the full potential of ‘every Nigerian youth’. He also noted that we must put more effort into the education of the girl child.


“Every Nigerian youth will be able to attain their full potential if we make the right investments in education. Your outstanding achievement shows clearly that we must spare no effort in the education of the girl child, knowing that excellence is no respecter of gender,” he said.


Also, while congratulating Yusuf, he emphasised her commitment to hard work, determination, and focus.


He said, “I congratulate Aminat Yusuf, who has just emerged as the best graduating student at the Lagos State University. Her record CGPA of 5.0 is a tribute to hard work, determination and focus.


“She has demonstrated once again the immense possibilities of our nation. Her achievement shows the limitless possibilities open to the girl child in our drive for true greatness.


“More importantly, by her achievement, Aminat has demonstrated that in the New Nigeria that we look forward to, excellence is not a function of religion, gender or location on the national compass.


“Achievements such as this show, once again, that our drawback remains the breed of leaders who use ethnicity, religion and gender to divide our people and obstruct our national progress.”


He admonished both ladies to keep the flag of Nigeria flying.

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