China asks US to pay debts to UN

Written by on May 16, 2020

China on Friday issued a statement calling on all United Nations member states to “actively fulfill their financial obligations,” stressing that Washington owes the organization more than $2 billion.

A Chinese statement citing a report from the UN Secretary-General’s office and a meeting held on Thursday revealed that As of May 14, the total unpaid assessments under the UN regular budget and peacekeeping budget amount to 1.6 billion and 2.1 billion US dollars respectively.

China added that this included arrears that stretch back several years, the United States is the largest debtor, owing 1.165 billion and 1.332 billion US dollars respectively.

Meanwhile, The US is the biggest contributor to the UN budget, paying 22 percent of its annual running costs, a bill which adds up to around $3 billion; and 25 percent of its peacekeeping operations, which amount to some $6 billion a year.

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